Teknologi Elektronik

Teknologi Elektronikelektonik

This course is designed for individuals looking to enhance their electronic skills or those in engineer level looking to advance their career into Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

A variety of topics covering a wide spectrum of fundamental electronics engineering understanding from ethics and law, to technology electronic and electronics engineering are developed to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge foundation.

Classes are designed to be exciting, practical and participatory. They may include a combination of lectures, exercises, case studies, in-class assignments, projects, student presentations, group work, role-play, structured simulations, field trips and guest speakers.

After completion course, students will obtain a qualification recognized by Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia and Bahagian Pendidikan Teknik & Vokasional (BPTV) namely Diploma Vokasional Malaysia (DVM).

Course Length
4 Years

Career Pathway
Career prospects for students from this program are excellent. As the course covers a wide range of electronics subjects, graduates can almost enter any sphere of industry. Some become technicians, electronic engineer, assist engineers in designing, developing electronic equipment and start their own electrical company.

Further Studies
Option All graduates can apply to undertake advanced learning in Electronics related programs.